KOJEN English Centers
Teaching Methodology
Interactive Student-Centered Teaching Methodology
KOJEN has always adhered to a student-centered methodology in which students actively participate in activities designed to provide meaningful and realistic opportunities to speak English. However, Mr. Hou and his experienced team of academic managers worked hard to adapt teaching materials and methodology to suit the Taiwan learning environment. Through research and practice KOJEN has created a teaching methodology that integrates the students' past learning with current state-of-the art communicative learning methodology.
In practice, this means that teachers are expected to plan classes that provide maximum interaction to enable Chinese students to build fluency and confidence. Our focus on providing a supportive learning environment in which students discover how to use language naturally in a real context and have opportunities for meaningful communication while a professional teacher monitors and gives targeted feedback means that we adhere to a number of important learning principles and expect all teachers working here to do so.
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