KOJEN English Centers
Teaching Methodology
Learning English in the Chinese Context

Chinese education uses a traditional approach to English teaching in which students focus on repeating sentences and memorizing lists of words in order to successfully pass written tests. Teachers emphasize grammar and the importance of accuracy. As a result, Chinese students have a strong understanding of English grammar, have good reading and writing skills and have a large passive vocabulary (they can understand the words, but they can't use them). However, after years of English study, Chinese students find it difficult to communicate because they have had few opportunities to practice. Therefore, at KOJEN our goal is to provide the students with as much speaking practice as possible. Our teaching methodology is based on a communicative and interactive approach. Speaking and listening skills are emphasized.

In practice, this means that our classes emphasize student participation, de-emphasize grammar, and promote meaningful communication rather than a focus on the form of that communication. The students are encouraged to practice using what they already know. In a typical class at KOJEN, the teacher uses pictures, stories, dialogues, and communication games to provide interesting situations in which students use English to communicate. We also use role play as a means of providing students with opportunities to practice in a meaningful context. Our aim is to provide a relaxed, fun, and interesting environment in which the students can enjoy themselves while they develop their communication skills.

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