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Visa related questions
  • What is an ARC [Alien Resident Certificate] and why do I need it?
    Foreigners working in Taiwan require an ARC to work legally. Having an ARC allows a foreign employee to legally work up to 32 hours per week.

  • Who pays for the Alien Resident Certificate [ARC] application?
    KOJEN pays for your work permit. The Teacher is responsible for costs associated with securing the Alien Resident Certificate [3200 NTD]

  • Do I need to do a medical exam in order to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate [ARC]?
    Yes. Teachers need to have a medical exam as part of the application process. KOJEN pays for your medical exam done in Taiwan. However, should you not be able to complete the full 12 month contract, you will have to reimburse that back to KOJEN.

  • What documents should I bring to Taiwan?
    Original B.A. diploma
    Original undergrad transcripts (if you hold an Associate degree)
    7 photographs [photos should have a black and white background]
    Criminal record check
    ***As of June 14, 2017, the Taiwan government requires that all foreigners applying to work in Taiwan submit a "criminal record check" conducted by their passport issued country.

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